I’m feeling the LOVE!

I have been doing some Healing Work in my community, at our farmers market this summer.

With a posting to our online list, I let folks know that I would be giving treatments and in return I received this:

In recognition of Shelley’s Healing Work . . .

This winter, I Dona, awoke one morning unaware I had the flu. Uncertain of why my ribs, tummy, and back suddenly felt like I’d just been kicked by a large horse. I found I could barely move without serious pain. I didn’t know what to do !
I actually thought of going to the ER, then I saw Shelley’s card nearby so I phoned her, in desperation for relief.
She saw me immediately, even though I called early in the morning. It was nasty weather & it was my first time ever calling her. Still, she was available to help me…and she also very generously made herself affordable to me.
It took 5 min or less to get to her office, where she brought me into a beautifully warm sacred space she had created for me. I felt calm in her space and comforted by her presence…enough to begin the deep relaxation I needed. Her skillful expression of various healing arts allowed me to surrender into the safety of a deep healing release from the agony I was in. It was Shelley’s confident care…that helped to set me free, enough to be able to bare the lengthily flu I had been struck by…which lasted many weeks !
I never ever had the degree of severe discomfort I had arrived with, after my very first session with Shelley !  I feel the work she did with me this winter, continues to help me unfold my health.  I find myself smiling in gratitude for the healing energy Shelley is willing to share and promote in our community.
I encourage you all to allow yourselves to receive healing energy from her. Because, it was rather life saving for me, that when I needed her, she was there, able to help me….and I got better. So, write to share with you that I am very grateful, she has helped me to be well.
Our Farmers Market is a friendly place to go to meet Shelley. She will be there, in the gazebo this Saturday, for you !

Dona O’Dou

                                                 Thank you Dona! What a Blessing<3Cell Phone Pics Dec 2014 359


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