A Few Helpful ‘Points”


We all know that without GOOD health, we have nothing. And with life’s challenges, it’s imperative that we feel empowered and well, to manage through it in a balanced way.

The good news, is that we can manage these situations better, simply by using Acupoints!

Similar to our blood system, our bodies have energy tributaries, called meridians. Discovered thousands of years ago in Asia, these meridians have points along them, that work sort of like circuit breakers. We can release excess energy & support deficiencies, simply by holding specific Acupoints, while taking in a few deep breaths.

Exhausted or Not Sleeping Well?

-Massage just below the ball of the foot, in the very center. ‘Bubbling Spring’ is good for supplementing and grounding our energy, while calming the spirit

-“Palace Of Labor” is in the middle of the palm & helps lift exhaustion

-Also, Organic sesame oil rubbed on the feet and ears prior to bed, will calm the nervous system & help with deep sleep (Let it soak in, before hitting the sheets)

Nervous or Anxious?

– With your palm facing up, follow the baby finger to just below the wrist crease. ‘Mind Door’ soothes our hearts, helps quiet the mind and relaxes our emotions

  • On the outside of our knees, just below the bone is ‘Leg Three Mile’. A great point for your general well-being. It increases stamina, while settling the digestion and enhancing circulation. (forbidden during pregnancy)

Hope you’re getting the ‘Point‘ to Wellness Shines….

Your Health, is in Your Hands. Have At It!


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