Supermoon           Shiatsu is Ancient, Effective Hands On Healing

Shiatsu, which translates as finger-pressure, is a Japanese healing therapy. Comfortable, sustained pressure is applied by the Shiatsu therapist’s non-invasive hands to the client’s fully clothed body. Shiatsu uses the power of touch to work the acupuncture points and meridian lines, without needles. These meridian lines are the energetic framework for every other system in the body.

Techniques used include gentle rotations, palming, stretching and thumbing. Stronger pressure can be applied if needed, however client comfort is maintained at all times.Shiatsu is as relaxing as a Swedish massage and can be effective in healing a variety of health issues.

Shiatsu Therapy is based on the principles of Oriental Medicine. Oriental Medicine is founded on the observations of the life force of all living things which is called Qi (“chee”). When Qi/Life force gets out of balance, disease arises. Shiatsu is a profound way of re-balancing your body’s Qi and bringing you back to optimum health. Oriental Medicine also understands the interconnectedness of the body, mind and spirit. The function of all of these, are an expression of the person’s Qi. We all have felt physical discomforts when we are in emotional distress.

Many health problems such as headaches, digestive disorders and body pains, can be related to emotional
imbalances.Conversely, chronic pain and disease can affect our emotional well-being. Shiatsu therapy works to bring the whole person into balance, thereby alleviating physical symptoms and emotional discomforts.

Studies have shown that Shiatsu treatments send electrical impulses throughout the body
which improve the body’s function on a cellular level and stimulate it’s natural healing abilities. By treating at the root level, it can alleviate chronic, complex problems and prevent future disease. Once the client’s body is opened up and relaxed, the healing process can begin.

The Treatment: The first visit is 90 minutes and includes full evaluation and treatment.60 and 90 minute follow-up sessions are available.
Shiatsu is classically performed on a futon mat on the floor. It can also be received on a chair or massage
table. Special needs can be accommodated. As Shiatsu is a natural progressive healing modality, a series of sessions will create the most profound health changes. A sequence of treatments is an excellent way to reach the core of long-standing issues.

Shiatsu is also used as a preventative. Once your health issues have been addressed, a monthly tune-up is a wonderful way to stay healthy. Each person reacts differently to Shiatsu. You may leave a session
relaxed and calm, or rejuvenated and inspired. It is important that one does not exercise or do heavy work after a treatment, as the body needs this energy to do its healing.

To help you further balance your Qi, diet, exercise and lifestyle recommendations will be given as appropriate. We must simply learn to be aware of the body and listen to its messages. The body has the innate ability to heal itself.

Conditions Which Respond Well to Shiatsu:
Stress related ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, muscular tension, headaches, migraines, menstrual difficulties, fibromyalgia, repetitive stress injuries, digestive problems including Irritable Bowel
Syndrome (IBS) Crohn’s Disease,Colitis,Chronic diseases involving any body system. Shiatsu speeds recovery if used before and after surgery or other medical procedures. Pain from any source: arthritis, tendonitis, low back pain, neck pain, joint pain, cancer related pain, Immune system disorders: sinus problems, allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome ,Calms the mind and gently helps with recovery from emotional and physical trauma… Prevention, Relaxation, and General Balancing


Using Shiatsu and other techniques, Shelley not only helped me manage my pain and increase my mobility but she also assisted me in preparing emotionally and psychologically for my hip replacement. Several physical therapists were amazed at how well I recovered and how quickly I progressed to walk with one crutch, then with a cane and finally on my own. -Barbara B.

Before receiving Shiatsu, I felt as if my body was falling apart. I had pains in both my
feet, left hip and neck. After seeing Shelley weekly for a few months, I now feel like a
new woman. I continue going for Shiatsu once or twice a month, as I find it’s so relaxing and comforting.
-Maura W.

Having suffered over 25 years of chronic back pain. Shiatsu has helped me reduce this discomfort
significantly. I recommend it highly. -Bill G.

Stress management, relaxation and overall well being are quite easily achieved by Shiatsu. I’m proof of this. I’ve experienced it first hand. -Gail D.