Healing Accreditation

This is my Scholastic/Healing Bio,… although my Greater Learning has been through Experience and Magnificent Mentorship.

I am Eternally GRATEFUL to those that have encouraged me to express my Authentic Self, for in there, is the true learning!

I am a Passionate Healer, who is committed to helping others, help themselves, reach a healthier and fuller state of being, because that’s what happened for me.

I hold a certificate in Shiatsu from the Shiatsu School of Canada, a diploma in Shiatsu and Sotai from the Boston Shiatsu School and a certificate from the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia.  I’m trained in Tong Ren Therapy by Master Acupuncturist/Qi Gong Healer, Tom Tam..
I offer Spiritual Healing Work through Integrative Shiatsu, Sotai (Japanese physical therapy) , Ear Coning, Reiki & Voice Healing, long distance therapy Tong Ren along with brain re-patterning through Psychological Kinesiology.

I am a teacher of Meditation and Qi Gong and offer interactive lectures on holistic self-care, visioning and leadership as well.